Welcome to the DVESS online membership signup and renewal page. In addition to cash and checks, you may pay online using your credit card or your PayPal funds. If you plan to pay at the meeting, please use this automated online system to save our volunteers time, and to assure that your data is correct. If mailing in payment, our mailing address is DVESS, P.O. Box 602, Berlin, NJ 08009-0602.

Membership dues for DVESS are as follows: $20 for first family member ($10 for seniors 65+) + $5 for each additional.

To JOIN: Under New Member, click Sign Up, then fill out the following form.
To RENEW or UPDATE info: Under Update Profile or Renew Membership, enter your User ID and password, then continue to your membership record.

If you choose to pay with a check or cash, an invoice will be emailed to you, which you can either take to the next meeting when you pay, or drop it in the mail with your payment. If paying with a credit card or with PayPal, choose the appropriate button to pay online.

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It's important to use this online system so the various officers in the club can access mailing addresses, email addresses, membership data, and so forth, all from the same place. You are in charge of keeping your email and other information up to date (please do this yourself; the officers of the club have enough work as it is), and you can do it right here, 24 hours a day, and the update will take place instantly.

A unique User ID has been assigned to everyone; retrieve it and your password using the password reminder feature below if you do not remember yours. Please check over your information and update it where necessary, especially your email address. Your email address is necessary to retrieve your passcode if you forget it. If you need help, please email Terry at terry@terryfic.com

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